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Our construction of your made to measure cold storage room will meet all of your objectives. Whether it is a cold storage room, a freezer room, a combination of both, a storage room for flowers, a storage room for beer or a refrigerated warehouse, you will be satisfied. Our use of quality panels ensures energy efficiency. The size of room plus the type of door you need, you will receive at an unbeatable value.

A cold storage room is usually constructed with 3 inch thick panels that guarantee perfect isolation for temperatures between 0 and 4 degrees Celsius. Where as a freezer room is constructed with 4 inch thick panels and requires a floor in order to maintain the temperature between -18 and -35 degree Celsius. The cold storage rooms and freezer rooms are useful for businesses who sell refrigerated and/or frozen products. They allow for optimum use of space.

Do you need more than a cold storage room or a freezer room? If space is not an issue, we can offer you a combined room. It consists of a large room separated by a wall which may also include a door. Depending on your needs, you may even have 2 external doors.

The beer storage room is constructed as a cold storage room except it has a glass wall which permits the customer to view the beer on the shelves. An access door on the side or back wall, allows you to restrict access to your inventory while still maintaining the room refrigerated. This concept is ideal for convenience or grocery stores.

Our goal is to satisfy all your needs. We provide the cold storage solution to meet all your refrigeration requirements. We also offer a wide variety of doors: standard, glass, garage style, double, or any other style you may need.